About Me

     Nicole Cochary was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1997. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art from Brown University in 2019, and is currently living and working in Los Angeles. As an interdisciplinary artist, her work ranges from traditional oil paintings to experimental acrylic sculptures and video, exploring ideas of domesticity, consumerism, advertising, social culture, and food. Her most recent body of work revolves around concepts of home, venturing to heighten the fluidity of the term by playing with environment, the uncanny, scale, and memories stemming from her upbringing in different states across the US. Cochary’s work has been exhibited at venues including the Museum of Art, Fort Collins, CO; Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY; Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Sarah Doyle Center, Providence, RI; Bell Gallery, Providence, RI; Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany; and D300 Gallery at the California Institute for the Arts in Valencia, CA. Her most recent shows include the Rocky Mountain Biennial at the Museum of Art, Fort Collins, CO and Pet Landscapes and Grounded Tchotchkes at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY.




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